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Manuscripts will be published in a peer reviewed special issue of the Nano Research, and will be available to all workshop participants for future reference. Nano Research is a new on-line free access journal, published jointly by Springer and Tsinghua Press, and accessible at www.thenanoresearch.com. Proceedings editor is Pasha Nikolaev of NASA Johnson Space Center, co-editor is David Geohegan of Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

We intend to complete the first round of review during the workshop. Therefore, it is imperative that all papers are submitted online before the workshop and available for review. All participants are expected to help with the review process – there will be ample free time to accommodate this request. So, even if you are not submitting a manuscript, we recommend that you create an account in the Nano research online editorial manager in advance.


  • All poster presenters and speakers are requested to submit a written manuscript for inclusion in the proceedings.
  • Minimum of ten, maximum of fourty double-spaced pages, including figures.
  • Must be submitted by April 17th. Late submissions will not be accepted.
  • For author instructions, style requirements and manuscript submission, see www.thenanoresearch.com or www.springer.com/materials/nanotechnology/journal/12274. Please indicate in the comments section that the manuscript is intended for the Guadalupe Workshop special issue.
  • Please bring 3 print copies with you to the workshop to facilitate the first round of reviews.