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Speaker Guidelines


Bob Hauge in 2005   Guad Speaker   speaker 3  
  Please limit your talk to 25 minutes with 15 minutes for discussion. Please forward your abstract to Ginny Whitaker at ginny.w@rice.edu.

Please bring your PowerPoint presentation on a CD or flash drive. We will load it on the computer BEFORE your session starts to assure smooth transition from one talk to the next. PLEASE do not attach your computer to the projector. We will put all talks and posters on a password-protected Website to be provided to attendees only, after the workshop. 

If you feel that you cannot distribute your talk/poster this way, let us know and we will delete it after your presentation. 

It has been customary for the Workshop to reimburse invited speakers for some travel expenses, and we hope to continue this tradition. PLEASE make sure to keep receipts so that, if we are able to provide reimbursement, we may account for it properly.