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Purpose of the Workshop


The purpose of the Guadalupe workshop is to bring together the world’s top John Marsh with Cowboyexperts in the fields of nanotube synthesis and processing to present experiments, theory and modeling efforts focused on all aspects of SWCNT nucleation, growth and production.  Substantial progress continues to take place globally in the controlled growth of SWCNTs through a variety of means, and as always, it is important to understand and disseminate these new developments to the nanotube growth community.  Both researchers and developers will benefit from this open scientific exchange. The workshop will be organized around fundamental issues and areas of new interest, and is especially oriented toward exploring new thinking.


Following the great success of the first two workshops held in 2003 and 2005 at the Guadalupe River Ranch in Boerne, TX, the 3rd workshop in 2007 held at the Canyon of the Eagles, in Burnet, TX near San Antonio, the 4th workshop in 2009 again at the Guadalupe River Ranch, and the 5th and 6th Guadalupe Workshops in 2011 and 2013 held at the Flying L Ranch in Bandera, Texas, we are committed to the 7th workshop, again to be held at the Flying L Ranch in Bandera. The workshop will start the evening of Friday, April 10th and continue until the morning of Tuesday, April 14th. Travel days are April 9th/10th and 14th/15th.  

Our goal is that through this continuing scientific exchange, knowledge will be synthesized to give funding agencies, researchers and developers the insight necessary to develop efficient and commercially viable SWCNT production methods and programs.

Proposal for 2015 Guadalupe Workshop

Report on 2013 Guadalupe Workshop