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Thank you for participating in the workshop!

To assure the best experience for you at the Guadalupe Workshop PLEASE READ ALL INFORMATION BELOW.

There will be close to 100 people registered for the workshop. Since the Flying L Guest Ranch only has a maximum of 60 rooms - many of them double, triple and quadruple rooms - virtually everyone will need to share a room. Please make sure to enter your rooming and eating preferences or requirements into the registration site, and we will do our best to accommodate you.  Gal from Original Hanger

We are anticipating a great workshop this spring at the Flying L Guest Ranch in Bandera, Texas.  Details and directions to the facility can be found by visiting: http://www.flyingl.com/

Please note the top questions from previous workshops: http://swcnt.nano.rice.edu/Default.aspx?id=554&linkidentifier=id&itemid=554

The workshop begins Friday with dinner at 6:00 PM, followed by the Keynote Speaker, at 7:45pm.  Once we have a finalized schedule, it will be posted here: http://swcnt.nano.rice.edu/Default.aspx?id=646&linkidentifier=id&itemid=646

NOTE TO ALL REGISTRANTS: This year's SWCNT workshop launches with a dinner on Friday evening, April 21st. Although Friday's dinner is important, some people will not arrive in time. For this reason, the bulk of the event takes place from Saturday, April 22nd through Tuesday morning, April 25th. For participants traveling long distance, travel dates to the event are April 21st, and from the event are April 25th.